The Scroll Saw School is a series of videos that will teach anyone new
to the hobby everything they need to get started. If you find the information
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The Scroll Saw School is produced by the Scrollsaw Workshop

You do not need to watch the videos in order. Just pick a subject.
Video Index
Video 1 Introduction to the Scroll Saw School 03:00
Video 2 Lesson 0001 Part 1-Scroll saw blades 11:33
Video 3 Lesson 0002 Part 2-Scroll saw blades 05:41
Video 4 Lesson 0003 Applying Scroll Saw Patterns 06:49
Video 5 Lesson 0004 Removing Scroll Saw Patterns 04:23
Video 6 Lesson 0005 Cutting straight lines 03:11
Video 7 Lesson 0006 Cutting curves and circles 06:01
Video 8 Lesson 0007 Cutting tight turns 02:33
Video 9 Lesson 0008 Cutting tight V cuts. 01:48