Author Topic: Useful Vice for shaping small Intarsia pieces  (Read 203 times)

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Useful Vice for shaping small Intarsia pieces
« on: January 11, 2018, 02:54:25 PM »
As you might know I do a lot of detailed carving/shaping using either gravers/chisels/rotary tools and I have noticed i am losing all strength in my right hand (the left is already knackered) so i decided to adapt a cheap alloy tilting vice into a great little carving vice by adding a 205mm diameter disc with 6mm holes in the surface that enables me to hold virtually any small shaped pieces which leaves both hands free to do the carving....its not a cure but it will keep me going a bit longer  as its worked out very useful i think it might help others for their projects? here's what you need to make your own.
1: Alloy Vice like this ... xyRhBS78w6 mine was actually cheaper from either Lidl or Aldi so worth looking out for in your local stores.
2: 1 of these ... 0005.m1851

3: Some of these ... PArjvvW_Wg

4: 6 x 15mm wood screws (countersunk)

First thing to do is print a copy of my template with the holes marked on (makes it easier than just drilling random holes, I don't know if i can post a pdf file on here but if not email me and i will send you a copy no problem.)
Stick the template onto the chopping board and cover with clear tape to stop it lifting when drilling, then cut round the template and drill all the holes using a 6mm drill bit (the dowels will be a tight fit which is better than too loose) once drilled remove the template and then cut another disc out of the chopping board approx 90mm diameter and out of the scrap piece cut a rectangle piece approx 40mm wide x 90mm.
Now drill pilot holes in the rectangle and countersink before screwing it onto the smaller disc....this is the bit you clamp in the vice, then using some double sided tape cover the other side of the small disk and stick it in the centre of the 205mm disc (glue doesn't seem to stick to the chopping board material very but the tape is ideal)
Hey Presto your ready to go!  
Unlike the adjustable and more expensive vices from Dremel and Stanley which are plastic the alloy one is VERY solid bit of kit and once clamped to your bench it makes filing/carving much easier on your hands and its a nice cheap addition to your workshop, as the disc is made from plastic if you slip with you carving tool it won't damage the cutting edge. I have been using a small handheld version for decades and only now have i made this and wish i'd done it years ago. It would probably come in useful for Pyrography as you can angle the wood for improved stability ?
Hope ya like it and if you want a template give me a shout

ps  The items needed for the project are from UK suppliers but you should be able to find similar items on other countries
Galloway in Scotland