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Postcard request
« on: July 14, 2017, 10:57:17 AM »
Fellow scrollers,

My neighbor her 8 y.o. grandson has neuroblastoma / cancer.
He is a fighter and has all kind of plans, but recently the tumors grow excessively....
July the 28 is his 9th  birthday and probably it will be his last birthday.
Therefore they've requested if people want to send him a birthday card.
So here comes my call on you fellow scrollers if you would help to make this birthday unforgettable for him and his family by sending many cards from all over the world.
He loves husky dogs and the plans they made for a sleigh ride coming winter will probably not be possible anymore.
So if you would send him a card with a husky that would be nice, but he also likes Disney.

His address is:

Brent Greven
Fazantlaan 17
6951 JJ Dieren
The Netherlands

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